Self-carentine- Have a slow day

You know, you need a pause to relax, refresh and regain new energy. You feel bad, sad, stressed or exhausted? Then slow down. Take this day to refuel yourself. Why? Firstly, because you need it. Secondly, it’s Sunday-Funday, if you don’t do what you want on a Sunday, what’s the purpose of this day where even God had a rest?

So how do we start?

I can’t tell you how your relaxing day should be, but I can give you some inspiration for mine.

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The Discomfort List

What’s that just another trend like self-care? No. It’s a tool to become your best self. Now your question is: Do I need this? But my question is, do you want to grow and experience things you never thought you were capable of? If you don’t have an answer yet, no problem. Just read the post below and then you’ll figure it out.

Why do you want/need to grow?

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How to feel better (part 1)

You know this feeling of depletion and every word or act is a drop in the ocean? You just want to lay on the sofa or drink your well-earned beer, or tea in my case. So far, so good, but if the next day will be the same and all the others too, could your sofa save you or do you need to change something?

Photo by Rex Pickar on Unsplash
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